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It's so fascinating (and also kinda stupid) how some of the greatest creations are so simple. Less is more. Okay, but HOW does he do it? I love how you note that intuition is also a factor. Just a feeling. There are so many "simple" creative solutions, but picking one based on what feels right. And there's like no way to logically explain that. I love it, so powerful.

I'm also really resonating with how I am like a homeless person, carrying emotional baggage... but I'm also carrying too much physical baggage lol I want to be free! I'm in the process of moving and will keep this section in mind today when purging all of my belongings still lingering at my old place.

Also resonating with how we could all be a Hans Zimmer: "...it's right on the other side of a door that we are holding tightly." YES. Honestly, moving has helped me creatively soooo much... having less physical crap around also helped me dump my emotional crap. I feel less like an emotional homeless person. Thanks for sharing all this insight!

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Feb 25, 2023Liked by James Taylor Foreman

"You can smell enlightenment — which is the combination of knowledge and play. You feel it when you listen, but you suddenly forget when you go to make something. We’re trying to mimic the movements of his fingers without understanding the state of his spirit."

Beautiful stuff

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"We demand our limitations like a crying toddler, and God bemusedly obliges." That is heartbreakingly true, along with so much in your article. I feel less alone every time I read your stuff. Play on brother!

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