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This is really a profoundly important exploration Taylor. I observe for myself that there is quite a bit of extreme dwelling, going all in from the head or the emotions in any given moment, depending on my mood, a kind of pendulum living, swinging between flat ration and emotion-driven, action. There is an alternate resting point for attention I am sometimes able to access that is between the two, taking both modes, and even other realms of sensing, into account at the same time. The stance or decision to utilize just one form of embodiment, we might say the head or the heart, is like a being given a toolbox and deciding to throw out all the tools except one. Why would we do that? Responding spontaneously in the moment with a full range of human capacity presents me with a lot of ambiguity, and even fear, which is why I think I avoid the middle path. It's hard to hold the bigness of reality.

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