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Yes and no...I don't have all the answers and the answers I have may not right. In the 70s I studied how to do past life regression, no drugs, no hypnosis, just helping others to learn memory techniques and helping them using them. Past life regression may be the wrong word because reaching and remembering past lives was not the goal. The goal was to help people change the effects of earlier decisions and actions. Occasionally stumbling onto a past life was just a not really looked for side effect, but when they came up we would deal with and explore it. When past life regression came into vogue, I focused on that with interesting results. Thise results called into question a lot of what history and science in the west accept. If we lived before, that seems to mean that we may live again and if we don't die when our body dies, maybe that lends credence to ghosts and spirits. As a psychic channel, that was where I'd get my information for my readings, from spirit, guides and the akashic records.

Once upon a time, people in authority proclaimed that if someone traveled over ten miles an hour, they would die, they proclaimed that the earth was flat and human flight was impossible. Science may in time have answers for nearly every question, but I down think that will happen for a long, long time. As a Reiki Master Teacher and Qigong practitioner, I learned to sense and move energy and help people reduce mental and physical pain. The first time I had a reading, I wasn't impressed, but the next time, I was told specific things that there was no way anyone who didn't actually know me could know. The psychic you encountered may have "known" stuff about you and your life or maybe she was really good at getting information and feeding it back. That second psychic I saw told me that I was an artist and that I should do stump carvings. The week before I had just done my first chainsaw stump carving. Talk about a huge flag. I had made it a point to share no information other than name and birthday. Physics tells us that the multiverse and other dimensions, and dark matter exist. Yes, there is something deeper going on, but I'm not really sure what and I have to proof I can wave in front of you.

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After being struck in the head by a heavy piece of shrapnel from an exploding cannon I became much more spiritually focused. (true story) I hunted for found and attended a spiritualist church north of State Street in Milwaukee. They had a psychic development class which I took. I was the one getting the right answers. As a psychic channel, I ended up giving readings for over twenty years.

While occasionally meeting cons, for the most part, the psychics I met and hung with for all those years were honest and sincere and, for the most past, scary accurate, as was I. I gave a reading to a girl I was dating. She accused me of spying on her. I the winter of 2001, while attending a spiritual gathering of 30 or more people, I went into a trance (not faked) and proclaimed in front of the group that a horrendous event would happen in New York on November 11. I was off by two months. I'd forgotten about it but several people reminded me of that night. I only worked part time as a psychic, never pushed it or made much money, intent on helping whoever needed. I and my fellow psychics believed sincerely in what we were doing. I, for one, never tried to fake it. I'd say what was coming through no matter how wrong it sounded to me. It was like walking a tightrope without a net. I suffered from burnout eventually and quit giving readings. My experiences in the New Age and as a psychic, became the basis and inspiration for my first novel, "Intrusion"

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Superb article Taylor and fascinating exchanges and testimony here from David. Several decades of a particular meditation practice has opened up channels of intuition/knowledge/pattern recognition that aligns with much of what you and David describe. It's funny because I think there are many cultures, even segments of western society, for whom such insight and knowledge are considered nothing unusual, special or extraordinary. There was a book years ago called Mutant Message Down Under that a first hand witness of Aboriginal people's in Australia wrote about the ordinary way the aboriginees communicated with each other telepathically, almost the way we would use a phone today. Having had 3 children and been one, there have been so many instances of my kids understanding something I am thinking without saying it, or asking me a question that showed an incredible degree of intuition, or having contact with what we write off as fantasy, that I'm sure we have lost basic human capacities in a realm of instinct that is as real as gravity. I believe we are hardwired for connection to an intuitive realm that gets trained out of us by western education and cultural programming. There is loads of data, accounts, stories about phenomenon and human experience that is "unexplainable" according to logic and contemporary science. I no longer discount the kind of logic-less "knowing" that shows up for myself and it is of tremendous help to me in navigating the reality of my life. A woman I dated in my twenties came with me on a camping trip and we knew next to nothing about each other at that point. We set up camp one night and when she went to the camp bathroom to brush her teeth I suddenly knew that she had a secret desire to be a drummer. This was a completely random piece of information that actually defied any type of pattern you would have picked up on from this young, successful, driven business woman, but when she got back to the tent I just said, "so you want to be a drummer!" It freaked the heck out of her, because she had never told this to anyone. In any case, you asked David if there was something "deeper" going on, but I think it's the opposite. There is an available realm of knowledge that is not deeper at all but completely on the surface and accessible if we are able to step over our brainwashing about what is real, logical, explainable and just be with reality as it is. Which is my understanding after many years of presence practice, that as we get closer to Socrates' inspired condition of knowing that we know nothing, we are entrusted with access to the Mystery that surrounds us in a way that the rational mind cannot make any sense of. Thank god.

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