What Is The Metaphor?

These are stories, secrets, and reflections from the frontiers of hyper landscapes — metaphorical landscapes more real than physical ones.

Getting lost out here is easier than ever. I did.

I studied philosophy (faves: Heidegger, Emerson, and William James) and then worked in Silicon Valley (helping build tech companies) and Hollywood (a TV pilot). But, more importantly, I never really left behind where I grew up.

On my mom’s side, it was Louisiana swamp mystics. They knew myth in their bones. They knew the invisible stories that not only describe their lives, but actually cause our lives. And it’s easier to see the stories that shape our consciousness when the (post) modern spectacle isn’t blinding you.

My great-great uncle Claude was the first in my family who could even read. He broke his leg one summer and couldn’t work the farm, so he uniquely had the time. He became deeply obsessed with the strange, archetypal stories most religious people take for granted. He became so transformed by the meaning of these texts that he became a “traiteur.” A Cajun healer. Sick people came from all over to visit him.

Years later, his son (my Uncle Junior, also a traiteur) took live call-ins to heal sick people on the University of Lafayette’s Cajun French-language TV channel. To this day, he lives in a shack somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana, taking desperately sick visitors.

Call that “the placebo effect” if you like (as if that explains anything) — I’ve heard some unbelievable stories.

I left that strange landscape behind to become a modern man and take on the assumptions of modern men. But I couldn’t help but notice how hollow this world is in comparison. Despite all our comfort, ease, and power, we’re missing something…. Vitality. Embodiment. Myth.

The modern hyper landscape is the water we’re swimming in. It seems inevitable; irrefutable. But, there are other places we could call home. Richer places. Paradoxical places. Places where everything is still alive. These are reports, rumors, and sketches from those hyper landscape frontiers. Maybe we will discover a new home.

Welcome to The Metaphor.

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Notes from the frontiers of hyper landscapes


Reality is narrative and our only job is to make it beautiful.